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Logistics is the management of moving products from point A to point B, including prompt planning and organisation to carry out process effectively. At Client-Pharma, manage warehousing, inventory and order fulfilment to ensure our clients get the quality service we’ve promised.

During logistics management, consideration must be taken regarding the environment and operation costs. The logistics industry is always changing to help make it more sustainable with minimum costs to businesses.

Do We Even Need Manual Delivery Systems?

As technology advances, more sustainable methods of logistics are being created. The shopping and distribution company Amazon is looking into using drones to distribute their products, though nothing of significant mass can be transported yet. If this ‘Prime Air’ service could be used to transport products of any size and mass, it would completely remove the need for Amazon delivery trucks. This would be revolutionary for the world of logistics, with companies across the globe seeing how they can tap into this newly found venture.

A statement from Amazon reads; “One day, Prime Air will be as normal as seeing mail trucks on the road today.” This may not be directed at the pharmaceutical industry but it’s still relevant. Logistics affects every business, therefore the developments that reduce carbon footprint and overall sustainability of a business are of great importance.

How does logistics work in the pharmaceutical industry?

Logistics in the pharmaceutical industry is somewhat more difficult as we have to comply with the GMP and GDP (good practices for manufacturing and distribution). These quality assurance systems outline the criteria we have to follow during purchase, storage and export of our medicines. Due to these systems, all of our warehouses and transport routes have to be validated, qualified and documented before use. All medicines that we transport also have to be sampled and tested in a laboratory before the entire batch can be released.

This process can often take several weeks to complete but is a small price to pay to ensure our clients are offering safe medical products.

Our logistics services for pharmaceutical businesses are tailored to suit your products and needs. Working with Kuehne & Nagel and Emball’iso, we make sure your products are handled with the utmost care and that their distribution is carried out in the most sustainable fashion.

See how our logistics and warehousing services can be utilised in your business to help more people across the globe.

Posted on May 12, 2015

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