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Gary shares his thoughts on the future of Client-Pharma and its role in the clinical trial supply chain industry.

Looking back, what would you define as the most significant moments in the development of the company?

We have been on an incredible journey over the last few years with many defining moments, but there have been two significant milestones that have helped to shape Client-Pharma.

Firstly, significant moment came when we realised that our expertise was something unique in the clinical trial supply sector. It is our deep understanding and breadth of knowledge that is unrivalled, and as a result, we are able to build trusted long-term relationships with our clients and suppliers. Our clients rely on our expertise to enable patient access to medicines for clinical trial use which ultimately offers better medical care around the world.

Secondly, we have seen a significant step-change after building on our solid foundations in the US, thanks to the appointment of Andrea Chopek, who heads up Client-Pharma Inc. This advancement went hand-in-hand with expanding our ongoing global partnerships and achieving a State Board of Pharmacy Wholesale licence.

As global healthcare continues to make strides forward, there are many more significant moments to come. Every day I wake up and I know that we are going to help someone around the world get improved medical care through the work that we do.

What sets Client-Pharma apart?

We always put the client first. Client-Pharma is client-centric and ‘placing the client first’ runs throughout our core values. Each member of our team demonstrates these values every day.

One of the reasons our clients benefit from our exceptional service is that we give our team the autonomy to be able to build relationships on a personal level and make swift decisions. We don’t treat any of our clients or projects as a transaction, our first thought is how we can add value and how our services can benefit the client.

How does Client-Pharma help to mitigate risk from the clinical trial supply chain?

 The supply chain for global comparator systems is multi-faceted and it is absolutely critical that we maintain a fully compliant, efficient and secure process at every step, across many borders. We also know how crucial it is that the supply chain has no unnecessary delays, that can potentially interrupt the delivery of vital supplies for R&D and clinical trials.

We pride ourselves on being proactive and knowledgeable, and over the years we have built and strengthened direct relationships with manufacturers around the world. This collective experience enables our team to interpret the latest regulatory developments and how they affect the supply chain. Where we can, we provide further efficiencies and solutions that in turn help reduce delays in the supply chain process.

We know that by establishing trusted relationships and staying agile, the clinical trial supply chain remains efficient and avoids exposure to risk.

What do you see as the greatest challenge to overcome over the next 12 to 18 months in the increasingly complex clinical trial supply sector?

The transition as we move through the next stages of Brexit will almost certainly present challenges along the way. But we are confident that we are fully prepared with newly appointed EU based facilities. Let’s face it, we have had plenty of time to adjust!

Our Quality Management and Operations team have undertaken a great deal of work to ensure that we can overcome any potential obstacles that are raised throughout the Brexit process.

The global commercial drug sourcing and supply sector is constantly evolving. As one of the fastest growing economies in the world[1], China as a new market, will have a number of regulatory challenges to overcome in the next three years. It is part of our short-term strategy to continue to develop key relationships in China and for us to work with clients and suppliers to overcome the perceived legislative changes.

We will continue to be responsive and adapt to the market and changing client pressures. We provide a first-class service and that is something that we will never compromise – whatever the challenge!

In which direction do you see Client-Pharma going over the next five years?

We are very excited about our five-year strategy and we will continue to expand into new emerging markets. We are also committed to further strengthening our brand both in the US and China.

We have a phased three-step strategy to manage through organic growth over the next five years as we continue to define ‘world class service’ and adding value to the global patient.

What is your priority at the moment?

Our clients will always remain our priority. We continue to provide the very best levels of service in our sector and it is recognised that in order to maintain this standard, we need to continue building on our understanding and provision of compliance and legislation.

In wider terms, the key focus for the business is to continue to increase the client base and strengthen current relationships. We will also look for ways to adapt more, innovate technology and continue to build our world-class team so that we’re admired by clients, partners and peers in the industry.

What is your mission and values?

My CEO mission is to empower employees, reward success and drive excellence. I am committed to creating a positive and innovative environment.

Our core values run throughout our company and I am proud to work with such a dedicated team. To help us achieve our vision in becoming the industry leader for clinical trial supplies, we always work with PRIDE:

Professionalism – maintain the highest standard of behaviours

Respect – show consideration and courtesy to our clients, our colleagues and respect for our industry

Innovation – be encouraged to challenge the status quo and find innovative ways to serve our clients

Drive – we have the thirst to constantly improve, this can be achieved if one is never satisfied

Entrepreneurship – we challenge ourselves daily to think like clients and act like owners

Tell us something that people don’t know about you.

I wake up every morning knowing that, along with my team, we are dedicated to helping the patient all over the world. It is my business goal to realise Client-Pharma as the world leader in comparator supplies.

Apart from my professional objectives, I have a number of personal ambitions. I will be celebrating my fiftieth birthday this year and I am working on getting through my ‘bucket-list’.

One of my dreams has always been to dive and study Great White sharks on a conservation trip in Guadeloupe Island – I am lucky enough to be doing that this year and I am very excited about the opportunity.

Another ‘to do’ that I am realising this year, is that my wife is taking me to play golf at the

world-renowned Carnoustie Championship resort in Scotland. I am slowly ticking off my bucket list, realising how lucky I am.


[1] 6.1% growth rate in 2019 – just 0.1% above India

Posted on February 11, 2020
Chairman and Founder

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