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Client-Pharma’s dedicated clinical trial warehousing and distribution services in China continue to expand and strengthen – meeting the growing demand for innovative supply chain solutions.

It is well-documented that the Chinese healthcare sector is still in its infancy, at a historical juncture of sweeping healthcare reforms which have been the catalyst for tremendous growth within the region. It is projected that China’s healthcare segment, the world’s second largest pharmaceutical market, will be worth up to $170 billion USD by 2022 – an estimated 89% increase from 2018.

Earlier this year, Client-Pharma established a dedicated Regional Distribution Center with our trusted partners in Shanghai, providing clients with in-country procurement needs, importation expertise, customs clearance, and storage and distribution services for all types of commercial pharmaceutical products (comparators, standard-of-care treatments, adjuvant therapies, rescue meds, ancillaries, etc.) within the territory. Since then, Client-Pharma has continued to develop connections with Chinese medical institutions and clinical organizations, giving Client-Pharma wide-reaching service capabilities within 31 Chinese provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions.

Gary Campbell, CEO of Client-Pharma, comments, “This year we have been proud to work with our partners in China who share the same patient-centric values and ethics as we do. This year has been a pivotal year for Client-Pharma because we have invested in growing our internal specialist teams and building upon existing relationships. This ensures we maintain our professional reputation for outstanding client service, impeccable quality assurance and delivery above and beyond expectations.“

Posted on November 19, 2019

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