The Future of Clinical Trials – What Can We Predict?

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Clinical trials are constantly evolving, with more data being collected in reflection to an increasingly complex environment. New technology, regulations, legislation and reforms in the pharmaceutical sector result in an environment that is always evolving. What does the future hold for clinical trials and what changes can we expect?

Siteless Clinical Trials

Siteless clinical trials mean that patients can be treated and observed remotely, meaning less disruption for them and less anomalies caused by a change to routine.

In the future, this is likely to be more of a common occurrence with multiple companies investing in the advancement of technology that can enable siteless clinical trials. There is growing consensus that these types of trials can lower costs, improve patient experience and capture more raw data.

Recruiting Participants

Another facet of clinical trials likely to change in the near future is the recruitment of participants. The increase in the use of social media hasn’t gone without affecting patient recruitment – as companies are turning to the digital world to help increase patient numbers.

In the future, this could evolve through the use of apps and other technologies that can provide an integrated digital approach to recruitment and patient management.

A More Patient-Centric Approach

Changes within the industry may allow movement towards a more patient-centric approach. This would be achieved partially through valuing patients as investors in a clinical trial, keeping them to date about results and developments in order to improve transparency.

Another focus could be to include patient representatives within the trial team. This means that patients can get the questions they want answering, ensuring their needs and opinions are taken into account.

Changing Roles

In research conducted by Applied Clinical Trials Online, a survey found that most respondents believed that of all clinical trial job roles, the position of Clinical Research Associate had evolved the most in the past 10 years; this was due to increasing use of technology and the implementation of risk-based monitoring.  The consensus of the survey was that CRA’s will continue to see the most change to their day-to-day.


At Client-Pharma, our in-depth knowledge of pharmaceutical markets means we provide efficient global clinical trial management in line with regulatory requirements and are equipped for changes, reforms and developments of the future. This is paired with the ability to source and supply pharmaceutical products globally. To find out more, contact us via email ( or telephone (0044 1283 260054).

Posted on September 10, 2017

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