ClientPharma Welcomes Chief Operating Officer to the Team

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Client-Pharma is proud to announce and welcome Victoria Parkinson as the company’s Chief Operating Officer.

Victoria will work closely with CEO, Gary Campbell, to deliver the long-term vision of the business and will be responsible for contributing towards driving the company to achieve the next phase of its business objectives.

Victoria Parkinson

This appointment comes at a pivotal time for Client-Pharma as it continues to expand within the specialist global clinical trial supply services sector. During Victoria’s eleven year tenure in the clinical trial industry she has held numerous senior level positions in high growth organisations. Victoria’s expertise includes building and leading global Clinical Trial teams, fostering growth and opportunity. Victoria has led commercial operations specialising in supply chain management, strategic sourcing and procurement and has delivered complex clinical trial solutions across the world, always with the customer at the heart. Victoria thrives on driving growth for businesses, achieving operational excellence and building high-performing, best-in-class teams.

Gary Campbell, CEO welcomes Victoria as a senior member of the team; “Victoria and I met many years ago and since then I have stayed in touch with her and seen how her career has developed. She shares the same core values of Client-Pharma and will be a key member of our team as we continue to expand into new territories. I am honoured that Victoria has joined us and I look forward to working closely together.”

Victoria commented; “I am really energised by Client-Pharma’s strategic approach which will enable us to take the next step, facing and overcoming challenges together. Key to our future success is continuing to be well connected with clients and understanding the bigger picture to make the right decisions together. Gary and the team already have a strong vision and a balanced view, and I am really looking forward to being part of Client-Pharma’s future.”

“Right now, there are many factors that are affecting global businesses, so it is essential that we focus on what’s right, now and into the future. During my career I have worked within strategic teams of evolving companies and helped them achieve their long-term goals. Growth is always centred around the people within the business and it is important that the team is invested in our overall objectives. Client-Pharma already has a strong team culture and this is recognised by clients as every project and every person we work with feels part of the wider culture.”

Client-Pharma is a specialist global clinical trial supply company. From provision of clinical research samples, to bulk supplies for pivotal trials, the company has built a strong global network to provide strategic product supply solutions for all stages of clinical research.

Posted on June 15, 2020

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