Client-Pharma FAQs During the COVID-19 Crisis

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Here at Client-Pharma, we wanted to assure our clients, partners and contacts that we are continuing to maintain our high level of customer service throughout our business during the global pandemic. Please find below some FAQs addressed by Andrea Chopek, President North America at Client-Pharma, Inc. If you have any specific queries, please contact us via our normal channels – phone and email:

Q: Is Client-Pharma contactable?

A: Yes. We are continuing to work and conduct our business to remain at the service of all our clients. Our entire staff is in good health and continue to work remotely. Over the past few weeks, Client-Pharma has been closely monitoring the ever-changing developments of COVID-19. As a result, Client-Pharma has executed its BCP (Business Continuity Plan) specific to our pandemic protocols. Please feel free to contact us in the usual way.

Q: What is the Client-Pharma pandemic protocol?

A: Our Business Continuity Plan was implemented on 16 March 2020 and is being maintained utilizing the principles of risk management and has four phases of pandemic planning (the PPRR model) in order to maintain a “business as usual” approach wherever possible:

  • Prevention: take actions to reduce or eliminate the likelihood or effects of an incident(s)
  • Preparedness: take steps before an incident to ensure effective response and recovery
  • Response: contain, control or minimize the impacts of any incident(s)
  • Recovery: take steps to minimize disruption and recovery times

Q: How are Client-Pharma’s warehousing and distribution channels being managed?

A: We are continuing to work closely with our partners all over the world. Currently, Client-Pharma’s licensed warehouse facilities remain open, with our teams maintaining ongoing communications with approved specialist couriers in order to ensure that vital medicines can continue to be shipped and distributed for clinical research and patients alike.

During the current period of uncertainty, Client-Pharma will hold stock as needed, at no additional cost, under secure temperature-controlled storage conditions.

Posted on April 3, 2020

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